Sunday, December 19, 2010

Negroni & Agavoni

One thing I am always on the lookout for is alternate takes on classic cocktails.  Like I always say, take your favorite drink you make at home and throw in a little twist.

A classic that I have loved for a while is a Negroni.  The Negroni is a simple to make cocktail with only three ingredients.
Negroni Pre-Prep


1 oz. Gin (I prefer an dry "London Dry" type Gin for this drink")
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth

This cocktail should be stirred in a mixing glass with ice for approximately 30 seconds to make sure it is nice and cold.  Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, or a rocks glass filled with ice.

Bastian Heuser, one of Germany's top mixologists, created the Agavoni, a wonderful drink inspired by the Negroni.


3/4 oz blanco tequila
3/4 oz sweet vermouth - Heuser recommends Carpano Antica
3/4 oz Campari
Grapefruit twist, for garnish

Build in a rocks or old-fashioned glass filled with ice.  Stir briefly to mix and to chill; garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Best Holiday Beers from Imbibe Magazine

This article from Imbibe Magazine describes their 20 favorite "Holiday Beers".  What could be better on a rainy December afternoon while watching football?

Imbibe Magazine - Best Holiday Beers

Celebration Brews
Holiday beers that’ll help you toast the season.

From classic Belgian strong ales to recipes that change year to year, the flavors of holiday beers are the ideal match for the rich, decadent foods of the season, and they make perfect gifts for your beer-loving friends. Like everything else during the holidays, these are indulgent beers meant for savoring and celebrating. Here are 20 of our favorites.  Cont......